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Corporate Profile

Company Name Memorial Art Ohnoya, Inc.
Founded March, 1939
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Fiscal Term December
Representative Shizuka Osawa
Representative Director Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Minoru Okuda
Representative Director President and Chief Operating Officer
Headquarters 38st Floor,Shinjuku Center Building,
1-25-1 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 163-0638,
Business Operations - Creation, planning and undertaking the subdivision of cemeteries.
- Contracting and mediation in the construction, transfer, and reinterment of burial sites.
- Dressing and sale of stone materials and contracting for masonry work.
- Funeral and memorial services and funeral hall management.
- Sale of Buddhist altars and associated items.
- Work related to subscriptions for life insurance and non-life insurance agency work.
Number of Employees 295 (January 1, 2019)
◇grave director 157 (first grade;28 second grade;129)
◇funeral director 35 (first grade;23 second grade;12)
◇buddhist coordinator 50
Major products Stone materials
Pre-death planning service

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